Monday, November 21, 2011

Its been a long time since I last posted....

It's been awhile since I've been able to post. Here is the rest of his diagnosing story in a short version up to recently, which deseves a whole new post!

After we got the dehydration and the ear infection under control, his pediatrician sent us to an amazing nutritionist. Based upon what we had found helped Peyton through food logs, the nutritionist and the the pediatrician came to the conclusion that is Fructose Malabsorption. They sent us to a GI to attempt to confirm this and to also make sure there was nothing else going on.

That first appointment was awful with the GI doc. When we left I wanted to never go back. He clearly was not listening to anything Mark or I had to say. He only heard one thing, and spent the entire appointment going on and on about toddlers diarrhea.

The Second appointment went much better, the GI listened, and realized that it was not toddlers diarrhea and was on the same thought as the nutritionist and the pediatrician. From there he wanted us to do a food trial in 3 months and follow up with him. Depending on how Peyton reacted, was going to determine if we continued on the way we were, do an endoscopy, or if Peyton had outgrown anything.

We learned during the trials that he still had the same problems, however he had a more severe reaction to some certain foods that were before lumped in with the general "fructose" category. With this follow up after his food trials, we once again left with mixed signals. On one hand yes he reacted, so avoid those foods, on the other hand they were not certain as to if it is food protein or allergy. So he wants to see Peyton in 3 months again, and also to go back to the allergist after he turns two. The GI also did not want to do any invasive procedures on Peyton at the time since no matter what the results showed, we would still be doing the same thing after, food avoidance.

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  1. Meghan, I thought we were the only ones in colorado who had this! I am really interested in the diagnosis of fructose intolerace, we have seen so many doctors I can't count and no one has ever mentioned this. I have an email account on my blog were you can contact me, I'd love to connect. It looks like our boys are close to the same age, and we live really close to you! Hope to talk soon. Kristina